What past attendees have to say

The day provided the jolt of energy I needed to continue on my journey and forge ahead into new pathways as an advocate for mental health and black excellence. I appreciate you and your team for facilitating a life-changing day and experience. I look forward to next year and hope to encourage other brothers to join us. Thank you for the opportunity and experience.

Antoine- MAC Development

I was incredibly inspired by the event overall. To see all of the Black Male Leaders come together to share and fellowship was a truly remarkable time. I can’t wait until next year!

Ingramar- The Auto Club Group

I loved this event. I felt instantly in community with other Black men and celebrated as a Black man. The energy was infectious, and everyone was happy just to learn from, and be in the presence of other amazing Black men. I’m thankful for this opportunity and hope to be able to return again 

Jahmal Williams- San Jose State University

Being among the men and women in a professional setting in my home city recognizing people looking like myself was exhilarating. However, the statement made by Dr. West, “you showing up is not the event” was delivered as a seed to take root in us all when we separated for home. The event is the work! That’s Resilience…

Terrell-Wayne State University

I found the BMLS to be extremely well-organized and welcoming. The staff was courteous and informative. The opportunities to intentionally network were plentiful, and the attendees were truly there to celebrate Black Men. Grateful, 

Kenneth L. Johnson-President East Coast Executives

So wonderful to experience the deep sense of connection and access to wisdom from the Heart of the Black community!

Eric L. Wilkins- LMSW-Clinical Intersectional Insight LLC

The conference was great and gave me valuable insight as to how I can be a better leader and how maybe I have taken things differently with expectations and training topics. Very good.

Dwayne-Chase Bank

It was an absolute pleasure to attend the ‘National Black Men in Leadership Summit’. The speakers and breakout session were outstanding as well as the organization of the event from start to finish was masterfully executed. There were some many great nuggets shared which have sparked some ideas I can implement with my team. I’d love to attend future summits offered and bring my team along

Johnny-New York Life